Chinese Companies to Lead the Field of Artificial Intelligence


During President’s Trump maiden visit in China, a lot transpired. While making a speech at a tech conference, he first addressed the attendees in English. As the speech progressed, he changed to Mandarin Chinese. What surprised a lot of people is how the president achieved the feat. However, President Trump cannot speak Mandarin, and this language switch was made possible by a Chinese artificial intelligence company known as iFlyTech. This is a company that has close ties with the Chinese government. In the past, the company has mentioned that it has developed a sophisticated technology that can monitor a group of people sitting in a room or a car. The technology can then identify one individual and concentrate on his voice and everything else that the individual says during the whole conversation.

To make the voice recognition systems work, the Chinese company has invested billions in the sophisticated technology. The company has also experimented the technology in other areas. For instance, it has been used by doctors to diagnose medical conditions while at the same time assisting drivers to take control of their vehicles using their voices. The system has also been used by teachers to grade tests in China. The results of the AI has impressed a number of companies including an American company known as Delphi. Delphi is now using iFlyTek’s technology in Chinese cars. Volkswagen has also taken note of the technology and has promised to build a company in the country. The firm will specialize in speech recognition technology. At the moment, the New York Times has been briefed that the Chinese company is developing a laboratory that will be used for voice surveillance technologies for the security forces in China.

This was discovered after human rights authorities in the region discovered that a biometric voice database was being constructed by Chinese authorities through the help of the company. There are fears that the close ties that the company has with the Chinese government could help it stay ahead of the competition. At first, iFlyTek will get the necessary financial support from the Chinese government. Second, from the untested and loosely enforced privacy laws, the company will be able to access the necessary resources. For instance, it will be possible to access biometric data, faces, and voices. This will make it easy to develop the necessary technology. According to analysts working with Sanford C. Bernstein Company, Chinese citizens don’t care what the government does with the information it collects from them.


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