China Accused of Infiltrating on Germany


Accusations against China for allegedly using social media sites such as LinkedIn to infiltrate on the German government have been lounged by the German domestic intelligence agency. The Chinese government has however denied this allegation. According to an investigation that was released on Sunday, Beijing has been accused by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution for targeting over 10,000 individuals who include senior government employees and lawmakers, through social media. The Chinese agents were able to win the trust of the 10,000 individuals by acting as the head of think tanks and headhunters. They provided for trips to China whereby all expenses were catered for and meetings with well-known, influential people organized. Lu Kang, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referred the investigation as mare hearsay and claimed that they were so groundless. He demanded that the German officials speak more responsibly and act so.

The release of the German investigation only served to increase the anxiety of the western countries about attempts of China to infiltrate governments and businesses. It is speculated that by sneaking into the government, China intends to have a competitive advantage on foreign and economic issues. The United States of America has, for instance, accused China of widespread financial scrutiny. In the meantime, Australia intends to come up with a law that protects it from foreign interferences. This move comes at such a time when reports are all over the air that China is interfering with the Australian elections and universities. According to the German officials, the Chinese agents had gone to the extent of creating fake profiles, in the hope to gain crucial information and recruit their sources. They are said to have approached the targets by claiming to be interested in offering contacts for them in China.

According to an expert of cybersecurity in China known as Adam M. Segal, the investigations conducted by the Germans will increase the suspicion of the Chinese actions in the west. He also said that the Chinese government is likely to continue its espionage considering that the current regime intends to have international control. In a statement released on Monday, LinkedIn will deactivate the accounts of individuals that were found out to be spies. LinkedIn is one of the few social media platforms that have been allowed to operate in China for adhering to the country’s regulation, not forgetting to mention its blossom relationship with the Chinese government.


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