Whitney Wolfe Gives Networking a Much-Needed Boost

Whitney Wolfe Gives Networking a Much-Needed Boost
Whitney Wolfe Gives Networking a Much-Needed Boost

Would you think of using the same app to find your next job that you use to find your next date? Bumble is the newest dating app that 21 million people are using all over the world, and you can now upload your education and work experience to search for a job like you search for a romantic partner.

The dating industry in the United States is worth $3 billion, and Bumble has just set its sights on taking over the recruiting industry. This is a highly lofty goal because the recruiting industry is said to be worth $200 billion worldwide.

The Rise of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe introduced Bumble to the world in 2014. She was a co-founder of the dating app Tinder, but she created Bumble to be a dating app that puts women in charge of the dating scene. On Bumble, men are not allowed to contact a woman when a match is made.

Because of Bumble, 350 million women have had the opportunity to make the first move in dating situations and sent 3 billion messages. Bumble was created to give women the platform to have deep, meaningful interactions with romantic partners and same-sex friends. Now, it is time for these types of transactions to happen in the business world, according to Bumble.

Introducing Bumble Bizz

The new feature will not require you to upload your resume to your personal profile page. Bumble Bizz is going to exist outside of the dating portion of the app, and people in five countries will have access to it. They are France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States. The new mechanism will also require the same swiping action as the Bumble app.

In order to take advantage of Bumble Bizz, one must upload a picture first. This is required so that the company can verify your identity. Then, you will be able to add your job history and samples of your work.

According to Bumble, each user remains on the app for at least 90 minutes every day. In contrast, people are only spending 50 minutes a day on Facebook and Instagram. With Bumble Bizz, women will not need to leave the house to attend a networking event.

According to Whitney Wolfe, women need to feel protected when they are meeting business contacts just like they need to feel safe when they are going out on a date for the first time. To this end, the matches women will receive will only be located in areas that are near them.

Whitney Wolfe has had the experience of meeting people over LinkedIn, and she remembers how uncomfortable it felt. The women who work with her in her company also had the same experience. She recounted how men would turn the conversation away from business in order to comment on her looks.

With the above being the case, women haven’t accepted invitation requests from men just because they can’t say for sure that the man is pursuing them because of their professional qualifications. This strategy also leaves men who want to discuss business out of the picture, and this is a problem because many men are missing out on the chance to network with women who would have something to offer them. According to the websites Glamour and the Atlantic, people are using LinkedIn to set up dates, but Ms. Wolfe definitively states that this does not happen on Bumble Bizz.

Along with the dating app, Bumble has a friend-finding vertical called “Bumble BFF.” Users can use Bumble, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz through the Bumble app. They can also set up three different profiles and add an appropriate picture for each one.

Bumble Bizz’ photo verification tool ensures that everyone on the app is there for the right purposes. It also provides a space for your resume, an area where you can describe your skills and a place where you can showcase samples of your work. In addition, you will be able to specify the type of job you are seeking. There is even a section where you can list any awards you have won and your talents.

How Bumble Bizz Came to Be

Ms. Wolfe created Bumble Bizz a year ago, but she didn’t think the time was right to introduce the new feature to the public. It was clear that the time had come when Bumble executives noticed that users were using Bumble and Bumble BFF to network. Users were uploading details about their professions in their profiles and stating that they wanted to meet people in certain professions and industries. Ms. Wolfe doesn’t believe that she is competing with LinkedIn with this feature. The purpose for using Bumble Bizz is very narrow, and the matches are required to be local.

Anyone interested in trying out Bumble Bizz will need to download the latest version of the Bumble app. At the top of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu. This will be where you will switch from dating mode to Bumble Bizz mode.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has been a serial entrepreneur all of her adult life. While still in college, she wanted to do something for the animals that were affected by the BP oil spill, so she began to sell tote bags to raise money for the cause. After she traveled to Southeast Asia to volunteer in orphanages, she got the idea that she might like to have a travel website. After she found herself unemployed again, something happened that set her on the path toward success that she is currently on today.

A visit to a fellow alumna of Southern Methodist University was the beginning of the journey. One of Whitney’s first jobs was to be the head of marketing. While in this role, she introduced the students at Southern Methodist University to the Tinder app, and when she started the Bumble app, she went back to the old plan that had worked so well for her before. The strategy has definitely worked again because there are now 800 million matches made per month and 10 billion swipes on the Bumble app.

Ms. Wolfe received monetary backing from Andrey Andreev, a Russian entrepreneur. The Bumble app has expanded to include Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz and has already purchased the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender app Chappy. Things are moving along at a rapid pace for Ms. Whitney Wolfe.

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