The Net Neutrality Rules to be Scrapped Off


The Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C) is readying itself to annul the net neutrality rules that demand that broadband providers issue their customers with equal access to content on the internet. This provision gives the companies more power to demand the online experience that is received by the customers. The proposal to scrap off the rule will be issued on Tuesday by the chairperson of F.C.C Mr. Ajit Pai. The said rules were created during the incumbency of President Barrack Obama, and are said to prevent broadband providers from slowing down or charging to receive some internet content. At the December meeting of the F.C.C, it is expected that commissioners will pass the proposal in a three to two. The beneficiaries of the revocation include broadband and telecommunication companies such as AT&T as well as Comcast. The rules were passed in the year 2015 and were outlining the benefit of high-speed internet to the Americans.

With the repeal, AT&T and Comcast will get the opportunity to charge people more to access some websites and online services. Besides, they will have the opportunity to give priority to their services hence disadvantaging those ran by their competitors. According to people who sought anonymity, besides Mr. Pai presenting the repeal of net neutrality, he will propose that the Federal Trade Commission be the enforcement agency for the net neutrality violation. In an interview, the former Democratic chairperson of F.C.C said that there is no need to fix a system that is not broken. The net neutrality has been a topic that has created a heated debate between internet and telecom companies. While tech companies such as Google and Amazon support the rules claiming that without them, broadband will regulate the content received by the consumers, broadband feels that the regulations hold their business at ransom.

During President Barack Obama’s tenure, the then head of F.C.C Tom Wheeler said that the rules were vital as they prevented companies such as Verizon to low down the operations of services like Netflix. Mr. Pai was one of the people that were opposing the rules in the year 2015, claiming that they would restrain the investment of broadband providers. A few months from the time President Trump appointed him, Mr. Pai revealed his intention of scrapping off the rules on claims that they were put in place because of some hypothetic and theoretic harm that was anticipated.


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