Musical Pairings Reviews the Process of Working With NewsWatch TV


Musical Pairings is a simple and easy-to-use app that allows user to pair music with food and beverages, to make a good dish great and a great dish perfect – any dish, anytime, anywhere. Musical Pairings was created by Barbara Werner, a classically trained chef from New York. The company wanted to promote their app to as many potential customers as possible.  To help do this, Musical Pairings hired NewsWatch TV to produce and air a one minute promotional tv review on NewsWatch for their new “Musical Pairings” app. The segment would air on the NewsWatch national television show, reaching over 95 million households across the United States, as well as through NewsWatch’s online channels, reaching close to an additional 1 million potential customers.

Campaign Results

The Musical Pairing’s airing was a tremendous success, so much so that Musical Pairings started to have sponsored dinners by Ruth Chris, were approached by a reality TV show, and had to pull the app from the app store because they were getting too many downloads to support their current platform.

Here is what CEO, Barbara Werner had to say:

From: Barbara @ Musical Pairings
Subject: NewsWatch TV Review Success

Hi Guys,

I hope everything is going well.  I just wanted to send a quick update.  Musical Pairing is growing steadily and damn fast, thanks to the [NewsWatch] episode!

 Some Ruth’s Chris Restaurants have started sponsoring the dinners and they hired my team to be the entertainment, all thanks in part to the episode.  I still love how that came out!

 After the [NewsWatch] segment we started getting so many downloads that we decided to pull it and revamp. It’s undergoing a complete overhaul.  

 We’ll definitely talk about re-running the [NewsWatch] segment once the new version comes out…

 I am also wondering if I can look at some of the raw footage you guys have from that night you did the live filming at our event.  Unexpectedly we were approached about the possibility of a reality show that connects food and music and takes it on the road.  How cool is that?…

 I just loved working with you guys and I will be hitting you all up for another segment when Book 3 comes out. 

 Please keep in touch!


More About Musical Pairings

Musical Pairings uses basic mathematics of food and cuisine, by examining four of the major components of a dish, and then applying those equivalent mathematics to the four categories that relate to music.  The idea is that by matching both music and food by these four categories, and using equal weight to compare the two, you are able to enhance the enjoyment of any particular meal.

The mobile app that was created is a way to eliminate the need for users to manually calculate this process, and instead does it automatically in the app.  The app will also suggest beverages and songs that will make the meal an even more enjoyable experience.

About NewsWatch

NewsWatch helps companies both large and small reach a national audience at a cost that is affordable, while still providing tremendous value. By absorbing much of the cost of a typical television segment, NewsWatch is able to present some of the hottest companies and most innovative products, while still giving companies with a limited budget the ability to reach a national audience, and own a professional video highlighting why their company stands above the rest.

NewsWatch is a nationwide consumer television show. NewsWatch began production in March 1990, and recently celebrated its 1,000th original episode. During that period, NewsWatch has featured more than 10,000 individual stories.  Companies large and small have benefited from airing on NewsWatch, as the exposure and national attention has helped them get a leg up on the competition.


NewsWatch TV is an award-winning show, and has recently won multiple prestigious television and video awards. NewsWatch has won Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards, the highest award that can be won by a television show.  The show also won the coveted Videographer Award, and previously has also won other awards such as the Silver Telly Award, an award that is presented to television shows that have outstanding production, content and reviews.

Why Be Featured on NewsWatch?

NewsWatch helps companies gain national exposure and reach expansive audiences by incorporating a professionally produced video segment about their company into a national television show.  They then combine this with a targeted online distribution campaign, and strategic placement on their expansive social media network.  Over the past 25 years, NewsWatch has proven their experience and expertise.  They have worked with major organizations like Intel, Audi, Siemens, Marvel, Outback Steakhouse, Sony, and many other; giving them the national exposure they were looking for.  NewsWatch helps companies showcase to the country why their product, business or app stands out above the rest.

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