Munich Set to Adopt Windows 10 after a Decade of Using Open Source Systems


The German city of Munich, for a long time, has adopted the use of Linux operating system rather than Windows. After over a decade of using Linux operating system in their PCs, the city council voted to adopt Windows 10 in over 29,000 Pcs. In the early 2000s, Munich chose to use Linux among many other open systems despite Microsoft lobby for their products. The project is expected to cost €50 million in three years (2020-2023). According to the politicians in support of the move, the adoption of Windows products will go further in reducing the cost of operating Windows and Linux PCs co-currently. Additionally, it will make it easier to source for compatible applications and hardware drivers.

Munich has run the two systems concurrently. Fewer Windows machines run applications necessary for the business but are incompatible with Linux. The ratio of Linux and Windows operated machines is however not clear. Critics have it that it stands at 40 percent while others say it stands at 20 percent. According to the Munich council, running the dual-system setup is unsustainable. Consequently, the return to Windows platform. Mayor Dieter Reiter said that there was always a mixed system. Assuring the people that he is not an IT expert, he added that he was backed by over 6,000 co-workers unsatisfied by the existing system.

Politicians opposed to the move questioned the cost of the project and the duration of its actualization. Dr. Florian Roth asks whether having a complete rollback to Windows platform was the best way to improve the IT authority. While developing the IT department is necessary, the complete overhaul of the old system and the cost involved is open to question. She continued to ask if millions of resources should get tied to a single project.

Technically, she said that relying on one single source raised security fears due to vulnerabilities. Bundesamt fur Sicherheit, the German Federal Office for Information Security said that a monoculture in software is prone to security attacks. The council is set to start a pilot program where Microsoft Office 2016 will run on virtual machines. The committee will discuss the findings in 2018 after which a vote will determine the system to adopt. If Microsoft Office wins, it is expected to begin restructuring in 2021 through to 2023. The total cost of changing to Windows 10 and converting Libre Office and Macros templates will amount to €100 million.


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