Huawei Rising to the Top


Mate 10 Pro, a high-end offering phone from China, has the capacity to take some of the most dazzling photos, besides having sports advanced artificial intelligence. It also has a display that runs edge to edge. The Huawei Technologies created the phone. According to Huawei Technologies, it is time that the world ready’s itself to pay top dollars for the Chinese product. The company intends to take the Mate 10 Pro which has two devices public. One of the devices is less expensive and has lower specifications. The other version of the Mate 10 Pro is pricier and sleeper. The phone will roll out in Europe, Middle East as well as other parts of Asia. According to a person who sought anonymity, Huawei Technologies are having talks with AT&T on offering the phones in the United States.

In the past, many have branded China as Copycats when it comes to technology. The case is now different. The country now has some of the best labs that are way ahead in terms of quantum computing as well as artificial intelligence. Internet companies in China are dedicated to coming up with ways through which they can lift the retail, finance and other industries using mobile technology. They are only faced with the difficulty of getting the world to acknowledge their efforts. As a nation, China anticipates taking its economy to the next level by selling goods that are of high value such as jetliners, advances electronics, cars among others. Once well-known companies open up new markets, it will be easy to convince the world that Chinese products are as dependable as those from Japan, America or even South Korea.

Huawei has already created a name for itself in China. It outsells all other companies in China, a country that is known worldwide as the number one smartphone market. According to Ms. Glory Cheung Huawei’s Marketing chief, the company does not dwell so much on marketing despite its understanding of the need for emotional bonding with customers. It instead appreciates developing better features and technology. Many people even in China view Huawei products as merely a good value for their money. Li Weitao, a marketer in Shanghai, said that instead of buying the Mate 10 Series for $6000, it’s better to go for an iPhone. The company was banned in the US since a report revealed that its gear could have been used to spy on the US.


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