How the Current Administration is Censoring Climate Change


For the past few months, President Trump has made it clear that he is not interested in climate change. The steps that he has taken to make this a reality are even evident on the internet. Some few months ago, searching the term climate change on Google returned Environmental Protection Agency as the first result. Today, the case is different as the website is nowhere to be seen. However, the New York Times has learned that the onslaught began after 28th August.

A website that had existed under Republican and Democratic governments started being dismantled. This is a website that had served as a source of information for many people. As a matter of fact, President Trump labeled the website as a hoax. The New York Times discovered that a link to the EPA website had been de-indexed up to the third page. However, the search results will also depend on the web browser you are using as well as its settings. To make the situation interesting, the URL that appears will direct you to a page that notifies you that the site is currently being updated.

Significant parts of the website have been removed. One such portion is the Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change. In some parts, some pages and PDFs have been removed. This is something that has been discovered by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative. The initiative is geared towards finding changes that have been made by government websites. The conclusion is that the current administration is on a mission of making it difficult to find some information on the internet. The initiative noticed that EPA is the hardest hit website. It says that it has been monitoring a number of government websites. It noticed that one of the websites that has disappeared under the current administration took care of the Clean Power Plan.


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