Google’s Waze Improvements Affect Versatility and Support


Earlier today, Google began the update roll out for its crowdsourced navigation app, Waze. The updates to the app include some customer-asked for features such as a motorcycle option when choosing a manner of transport, in addition to the now-normal public transportation, bike, or car options.

This change will give motorcylists improved route choices, which are calculated by other “motorcycle mode” Waze users. By accounting for courses safe for motorcycles but not for car, the app will be able to recommend more efficient directions with more meticulous arrival times.

Waze will also host new high-occupancy vehicle lane routes. Previously, navigating through HOV lanes could be unpredictable to say the least, but with the update, ETAs and routes for these lanes will rely upon others in the same situation.

Additionally, carpoolers with full cars or those with a special pass will have the option on Waze to select one of several paths, including those with HOV lanes. People who drive gas economical cars should choose a specific car type to open similar choices. Beginning by applying HOV backing in 22 cities in America as well as Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, many other areas will soon follow.

Changes to voice-activated support make up the other significant update to Waze. Simply say, “OK Waze” to turn on the function, with which users can instruct it to “report a traffic jam”, “drive home”, or other commands. In the past, drivers pressed the microphone icon to open the voice command feature; the new triggering phrase intends to stop motorists from blindly grabbing for their phones while driving.

Since its launch, Waze has tried to expand its user-friendliness by focusing on usefulness in more ways than just basic navigation. For example, it conducts Spotify through the app to limit driver distraction. This year, the app started including an “order ahead” feature that coordinates with the Dunkin Donuts drive-through.


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