Google Creating a solution to the Shortage of A.I Experts


Most recently, a leading engineer in the Google pool known as Jeff Dean Highlighted a project that is known as AutoML. ML is an abbreviation for machine learning. It refers to a computer algorithm that can learn about certain tasks and be able to perform them on its own by just analyzing data. AutoML, on the other hand, is a machine-learning algorithm which learns how to create additional machine-learning algorithms. By using the AutoML, Google might be able to establish a way in which they can create an artificial intelligence (A.I) technology, which can consequently take human off building the A.I systems, which are believed to be the future of the technology industry. The program goes hand in hand with the effort of bringing the most recent and most excellent A.I techniques to more companies and software developers.

The tech industry is envisioning much, looking into the future. It has promised cars that are driverless, phones that can detect the face, among many more technological advancement. To achieve this, the industry needs people with experience and knowledge about the algorithms that are not only complex but sometimes mysterious. The total number of people possessing the knowledge, experience, and talent in the algorithms is about 10,000 in the entire world. The largest tech businesses in the world such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have been using a lot of money every year, as payments to the hard to find A.I experts. The deficiency in skills is not expected to go away anytime soon given that people who can teach it are the ones relied on by the tech companies, and also because mastering the skills takes up years of work.

As a result of the shortage of skills, most tech companies have started to create tools that will make it easier for operations to develop its A.I software. The vice president of Microsoft Joseph Sirosh said that his company is following the footprints of computer science with each type of new technology. Microsoft recently unveiled a tool that will enable coders to create a deep neural network, a computer algorithm that drives much of the progress made in the A.I field. The google AutoML project is expected to help companies come up with systems with A.I even though they may lack the necessary expertise. According to Google, AutoML will analyze the developed algorithms and learn which methods are successful and those which are not.


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