‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Lands Coveted Perfect Score in First Review


Is there any title more in demand right now than ‘Super Mario Odyssey’? In a real-world littered with political strife, divisive headlines, and global natural disasters it can be comforting to sink back into one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time. For months now we have been closely following the development and marketing preparation for ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. Details have been largely mum from the team at Nintendo and very little has actually leaked out in regards to the title. We now know two new details about the game and this is fairly big despite the fact that the game is only two weeks away from hitting shelves.

The first big news breaking regarding ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ is the fact that it received its first review from the EDGE Publication and it was, of course, a perfect 10 score. The EDGE magazine was already supposed to be in the hands of subscribers for this month but Nintendo requested a special embargo to delay its release and review of the title. Things like that tend to happen when a game or film is struggling but that clearly isn’t the case here. Instead, a single leaked image showed that ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ scored a 10/10 in the review and that the magazine would feature our favorite plumber on the cover of the magazine. The issue officially comes out to subscribers on Thursday, the second week of October. For reference, EDGE has given out 19 perfect scores in their history with ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ being the most recent outside of ‘Super Mario Odyssey’.

The second piece of news that broke relating to ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ is that it will fully take advantage of the unique little Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Nintendo and the Mario franchise, in particular, have never been shy about trying to innovate with the technology that they have available to them. Just look at how ‘Mario’ titles on the Wii helped to keep motion control involved in the industry. So, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ title will lean heavily on using both Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

The producer of ‘Super Mario Odyssey’, Yoshiaki Koizumi, revealed in an interview with GameMaster that each Switch Joy-Con would have its own special abilities. Koizumi was apparently very deliberate in his desire that the Joy-Cons be used to their full potential during the production of the title.


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