Pokemon Go Launches New Photography Competition, Hints at Next gen Pokemon.


Pokemon Go has largely been one of the biggest mobile game releases in the history of the platform. The reason is simple. Pokemon is one of the most recognizable franchises in the history of gaming and mobile gamers are becoming more and more respected within the industry. Despite having such a large share of the market, Niantic struggled to get Pokemon Go off to a hot start — stumbling over server issues and event problems. Now, it appears that the company is finding their flow and even more importantly they are listening to the needs of their customer base. Pokemon Go has been considered a largely ‘grind’ based game where trainers capture Pokemon and then evolve them. Now, Niantic is celebrating a new event that has nothing to do with capturing or battling!

The most recent event that Niantic is launching, under the hashtag #Pokemongocontest, is all about capturing Pokemon in the most artistic ways possible via the AR photo mode! Trainers will be searching for Pokemon in the coolest poses possible in order to submit to Niantic in order to try and win a prize. These prizes include a variety of different items including Pokemon Go Plus, wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, and a poster signed by the entire Pokemon Go team. Niantic will be selecting ten winners throughout the event which has already started and will run through October 25th. Niantic says, “You only have until October 25 to submit your best AR photo, so go on an adventure, take a photo, and share it with us on Instagram!”

Pokemon Go has been undergoing a variety of updates recently in order to sort of change the landscape and rejuvenate what the company is trying to do. Fans scrubbing through Pokemon Go files have already located Generation 3 Pokemon within them which suggests that we could be seeing the roll-out of an entirely new generation of Pokemon to the game. Niantic CEO, John Hanke, said: “There is a lot of Pokemon that have not yet been launched.” Hanke went on to say, “So I think the next secret weapon will be launch of the next Pokemon generation. I hope the players will soon see them.”

While fans get their photography game on they will also be preparing for the upcoming Halloween event. This seems to be a busy part of the year for Pokemon Go and that has to make fans and Niantic alike happy.


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