Paul Mampilly: Is Getting Chipped the Major Technological Advancement of the Future?

Paul Mampilly RFID Microchip Implanted
Paul Mampilly RFID Microchip Implanted

Modern technology has accomplished some amazing feats over the last couple of decades. One common thread that continues to come up for discussion is the possibility of humans receiving chip implants designed to make life easier from all aspects. While many may consider something like this as a distant creation, it’s not that far off from the reality of today’s technological advancements. What does it mean to get chipped? What will these microchips accomplish for modern day mankind? What are the benefits and possible risks involved? The information below was designed to address some of the important questions in more detail.

What Does it Mean to Get Chipped?

There have been discussions about the possibilities of inserting microchips filled with personal data into humans for many years now. Some people may have considered these discussions nothing more than hopeful science fiction, but the possibility of seeing this come to fruition in the not-so-distant future is very tangible.

With this advanced technology, tiny microchips no larger than a grain of rice could be inserted just under the skin of those participating. These microchips could contain everything about this person from their health information to important documents they may need access to at any given time. In theory, these microchips could eliminate many of the inconveniences we all experience on a regular basis and open the door to practically limitless advancements.

What are the Benefits of Getting Chipped?

Can you imagine never needing to carry a wallet with you again? Can you imagine walking out of your house, locking your front door, and not needing a key to re-enter your home later? Can you imagine paying for all your purchases without the use of credit or debit card? All of this and more would be possible if the world were set up to operate on the premise that humans have all the information they need right under their skin at any given moment. The overwhelming majority of the population would love being able to walk around free of the worry that they have forgotten something important at home. Imagine the everyday and mundane tasks of life being that much easier to complete worry-free.

The benefit of having an individual’s pertinent medical history right under their skin could also prove to be life-saving in many cases. In cases where the individual in question suffers from serious health issues or life-threatening allergies, having this information readily available could be extremely helpful. Imagine less paperwork at the doctor’s office and immediate access to helpful information that could save your life in the event of a medical emergency.

Are There Risks Involved in Getting Chipped?

Isn’t it a danger if everything about a person is so readily accessible to others? This is the first concern that often comes to mind when people think about the complexities of this type of technology. According to the professionals supporting microchipping, however, the powers that be already have access to all the personal information about the general population that they could ever want.

The fact of the matter is that the world of technology is already set up to gather information on all of us on a continual basis. Every time an individual uses Google or other search engines, personal and preferential information is gathered on this person. Smartphones and other devices are set up to constantly gather information on the user and their habits. Credit card companies and online shopping corporations gather and compile information on customers continually. Even smart luggage tags and electronic tollbooth passes are circumventing human interaction in favor of automated technological chips that gather and store this information for them. Ultimately, we are going to be seeing much more of this type of technology in the near future, so it appears pointless to protest its existence.

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Avoiding Modern Inconveniences with Advancing Technology

Life can get hectic for all of us. We can easily end up forgetting something that is crucial to the events of our day. Imagine showing up for an important flight only to realize that you left your passport at home. Imagine this flight was for a work-related event and your boss will now be very unhappy with you for being late. Alternatively, missing your flight could cost you extra money and much wasted time better spent more productively. With microchipping, all of these important documents could be stored in a device the size of a grain of rice and injected under your skin. You could potentially never have to worry again about forgetting an important document or not having access to a vital piece of information when you need it. The ways in which this type of technology could change the world and the way we go about our daily tasks is astronomical. It stands to reason that the majority of people find this type of technological advancement exciting and alluring.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly currently serves as a Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul Mampilly focuses on helping others to successfully navigate the world of stocks. In an effort to provide further assistance to others in this area, he helped found the newsletter Profits Unlimited.

Paul Mampilly has a great love for trading. Therefore, he also manages two successful trading firms and writes professionally for the newsletters associated with these firms. With a sharp focus on small-cap stocks and technology, Paul Mampilly helps the average citizen interested in investing to capitalize on this desire by finding the stocks most likely to experience growth.

Paul Mampilly has a great deal of past experience in the financial sector as well, having worked directly with well-known financial institutions such as The Royal Bank of Scotland. In fact, his career began in 1991 as a Portfolio Manager for Banker’s Trust. As an avid investor himself, Paul Mampilly has gotten the art of finding the best small companies projected to experience tremendous growth down to a science. Paul Mampilly continues to use these advanced skills to help teach others how he gained success and wealth, helping them to do the same.

Even in the face of ridicule, misunderstanding, and privacy concerns from some, the advancements needed to make microchipping a real possibility certainly exist today. In spite of concerns over safety and privacy, we may very well see this type of technology come about in the coming decades. The benefits this modern technology could hold for society overall are astronomical, leading to increased freedom and less of the troublesome inconveniences we all experience often. While it remains to be seen where this technology will take us, the future looks exciting and full of possibilities.

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  1. Feels like a tornado with government intervention and intrusion maximized for deep state control and monitoring. I would much rather be inconvenienced than know my physical body is u see the watchful eye and next….control by deep state entities.
    Shut it down.

  2. Someone was just talking to me about this last week. They said how some employers are inserting microchips into employees so they can access secure areas without keycards. I’ve always been hesitant about inserting anything into my body (except junk food) so this does creep me out. There are some advantages and I suppose as long as it’s not mandatory, it could be a good thing. I know this would be helpful for people who have loved ones with memory issues who might need to be found. Here’s hoping we can have a good conversation about a new technology and see whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


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