Nintendo Goes Mobile with ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’


There are few video game franchises more curious than that of ‘Animal Crossing’. First making its way over to America on the Nintendo 64, ‘Animal Crossing’ has delighted fans for years as a furniture collecting life simulation featuring humanoid animals and directionless gameplay. Despite its quirky appearance and open-ended gameplay, ‘Animal Crossing’ has turned into one of the most bankable video game franchises in the entire Nintendo library. The most recent full release was ‘Animal Crossing: A New Leaf’ for the Nintendo 3DS and now it looks like the series is getting an update — as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The new title is called ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ and fans everywhere aren’t sure exactly how to take the news.

The ‘Animal Crossing’ series has always been about giving gamers bite-sized gaming sessions filled with relaxation, cute characters, and the ability to collect and decorate with a huge library of items. ‘Pocket Camp’ seems to be taking all of these concepts and boiling them down into a mobile, free-to-play, application that gives fans a little bit of everything that they love. Nintendo announced ‘Pocket Camp’ just this past week and already fans are lining up to see each and every feature. Fortunately, Nintendo released a 14-minute gameplay video that showcased almost every aspect of the game. So, for more visual learners that may be the best way to go.

The core concept of ‘Pocket Camp’ is changing the location of the legendary franchise. Instead of decorating and building up your own little town, you’ll instead be focused on creating the perfect campgrounds. Players will have the ability to expand their camp and decorate it, inside and out, much like ‘Happy Home Designer’ and ‘New Life’ combined into one little game. Gamers will work alongside fan-favorite Isabelle as they begin their journey to crafting their idyllic little camp. There are, however, some core changes to the gameplay that fans are going to want to pay attention to. The biggest gameplay change is that ‘Pocket Camp’ will be catering to mobile conventions by putting timers on some actions. If you want to build a new playground, you’ll have to craft the items. In order to craft the items, you will have to satisfy their ‘build time’. Gamers will then have the choice to wait or use premium currency to speed up the action. Gamers also have the ability to go visit other camp’s and see their friends in real time.


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