Niantic Looks to Embrace Future with Large Event


Pokemon Go has become a cultural phenomenon and there is no arguing this fact. The mobile game which features an augmented reality twist launched in the summer of 2016 and quickly catapulted to the top of the charts. In doing so, Pokemon fans everywhere finally got their dream game: a free title that puts them into the shoes of becoming a real trainer — albeit with digital Pokemon. Despite its massive popularity, Pokemon Go struggled to gain traction from a quality level with many hiccups along the way. The most notable hiccups came in Chicago when Pokemon Go Fest struggled with server issues. In any event, the team at Niantic are looking to bring Pokemon Go back to prestigious fashion with the new Halloween event that has been rumbling in rumors for a long time.

The Halloween Event that Niantic has been teasing for the past month now is finally drifting ever closer to reality. Last year’s Halloween event included the addition of more prevalent ghost type Pokemon and it seems like that is the direction that Niantic will be following. In this event, we are likely to see more of the traditional ghostly trio of Haunter, Gengar and Ghastly. However, dataminers have also been hard at work in order to unveil some of the new treats that people might have to look forward to.

For months now people have been wondering when Generation 3 Pokemon will make their appearance in the already legendary augmented reality title. Well, that rumor can finally be put to rest as dataminers have revealed that there is much to look forward to. Dataminers found illustrations revealing the addition of Pokemon up to Entry #386 — Deoxys. This means that we can expect at least a few new entries from Generation 3 to be making an appearance in the new event. Along with this information, it was also revealed that there were new Gen 3 badges and musical themes being added to the game, including the haunting Lavender Town.

Still, sleuth oriented fans don’t need to look too deeply into the files in order to see hinted changes. The newest Halloween splash screen showcases a string of Gen 3 dark type Pokemon including Dusclops, Sableye, Shuppet, Bannette, and Duskull. With Halloween around the corner, fans should start to get more official details straight from the source here soon. Don’t be surprised to see a ton of new Generation 3 characters in the game.


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