Microsoft Builds Massive Tree House for Employees


Working for big-name tech companies offers certain perks that you won’t find elsewhere. Microsoft, for instance, has recently constructed a massive tree house as an alternative working space for its employees. When employees are tired of working in the office, they can ascend into the Douglas Fir canopy to perform their daily tasks.

Microsoft Opens New Tree House

As explained by Business Insider, Microsoft built its new treetop workplace at its campus in Redmond, Washington. Described by the tech giant as being more “Hobbit” than headquarters, it’ features a shingled roof with a large skylight in the center.

Employees who suffer from acrophobia shouldn’t be turned off by Microsoft’s new treetop workplace. According to the company’s blog, it’s only 12 feet high; thus, still relatively low enough for employees to feel safe.

Being that it’s designed by Microsoft, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the tree house features Wi-Fi. Employees can quickly connect their laptops and other devices to the network, allowing them to work from the trees. Additionally, the tree house contains benches with built-in electrical outlets.

The Motivation Behind Microsoft’s Tree House

So, what prompted Microsoft to build a treetop workplace? Bret Boulter, who led the design, explains that employees want to work outside, and that Microsoft’s own origins are rooted in nature. But Silicone Valley’s image isn’t aligned with this type of working environment. As a result, tech companies are looking towards solutions to support outdoor work. Some companies use green designs indoors, but Microsoft is literally building its work spaces outdoors.

Microsoft says the tree house is part of a larger cultural shift to promote working in the outdoors. The tech giant will continue to build new outdoor working spaces while encouraging employees to step away from the traditional workplace setting.


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