Mayweather Endorses Virtual Currency


No one can dispute that Floyd Mayweather is probably the best boxer of his generation. This is an American boxer who has not shied away from displaying his hard-earned wealth to his followers. For instance, if you visit his Facebook page, you will find a countless number of videos where he is draped in diamond chains. At the same time, if you scroll further, you will see the American boxer submerged in $100 bills. However, the boxer has decided to go digital by embracing a new kind of money. Floyd Mayweather recently requested his Facebook followers to buy a new virtual currency coin known as the Centra token. The surprising thing is that he suggested this twice to his 13.5 million followers. In the post, he pleaded with his followers to get the coin before it runs out of stock. He managed to do this by posting a picture where he was admiring some of the titles he had won before. He then wrote a caption below the picture saying that he got his and he will score big with the acquisition. This goes without saying that the boxer is one of the few celebrities in America who have embraced initial coin offering.

What people should know about the initial coin offering is that it’s a form of funding where investors get an opportunity to sell their own currencies to investors. Other than Mayweather, another popular celebrity who has embraced the coin is DJ Khaled. Due to the endorsements that they have received from big names, the founders of Cetra have managed to raise over $30 million in a period of less than three weeks. As a matter of fact, the fund raising just concluded this month. However, things didn’t end well for the founders as they were indicted by an American court for perjury. However, this was caused by a drunk driving case. This year alone, there have been over 270 ICOs. They have all managed to raise over $33.2 billion. Going by statistics, this is a 3000 percent gain from what they managed to raise last year. This is according to information that was brought to light by Tokendata which is tracking company that specializes with coin offering. The reason why many investors are willing to pay real money for virtual currencies is the speculation that their value will increase in the coming few years. They use the growth of Bitcoin as an example.


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