Google Summoned to a Senate Hearing


Google is the latest firm from Silicon Valley to be investigated on how the internet and social media influenced the 2016 US elections. The company is also being investigated in relation to the Russian interference in the US elections. As a result, Google said yesterday that it was willing to cooperate with an inquiry that has been established by the Congress. This investigation begins after Facebook and Twitter were ordered by the Congress to turn over accounts that were linked to these Russian groups. The search engine giant was ordered to testify on 1st November as a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. As a result, the firm said that it was conducting an internal investigation to determine whether there is a way that the Russian hackers used its advertising services and products. This information was brought to light by a source who sought for anonymity. The inquiry has been going on for some time and the exact time it began is not known. However, the source said that Google had been summoned on a number of occasions. This investigation had also been reported by the Wall Street Journal. Google has become an inescapable part of the internet as it owns about 90 percent of the share.

Information that the company was being investigated didn’t come as a surprise to many people. At the moment, this is the only company that rivals Facebook in advert sales. Also, it owns YouTube which is the only place you can get the video that interests you. During a closed-door meeting that was attended by officials from Senate and House Intelligence committees, Twitter announced that it had discovered over 200 accounts that were used by the Russian Hackers. As a result, the social media giant was criticized by Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, who is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said that the company had failed Americans in failing to investigate their systems. Earlier on, Facebook had openly admitted to the house committee that it had discovered 470 profiles that were linked to Russia. These are the accounts that were responsible for 3,000 ads on Facebook that made the company approximately $100,000. However, the role of Google in these cases is not quite clear. This is because the company is quite larger compared to Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, Google has many sources of fake information. The fact that Google is not a social media company


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