Google Introduces New Security Measures for High-Profile Users


Google will be upgrading its security to better protect its high-profile users from potential cyber threats.

The new program, called the Advanced Protection Program according to Digital Trends, is expected to go live late October. Google hopes to add a number of new security features to its platform. Gmail, for example, will have new security measures to prevent third-parties from having unauthorized access to users’ private Google accounts and data.

This new program provides a strengthened version of Google’s current two-factor authentication to individuals who may require extra security precautions, such as political figures or corporation leaders. These high-profile users will use both a USB thumb drive as well as a key to get past the two-factor authentication security layer.

The USB drive combined with the key will be required by Google users under the Advanced Protection Program in order to access their accounts. While inconvenient for some, taking these extra steps may prevent malicious third-parties from gaining access information stored on Google’s cloud, such as emails and personal documents stored in Google Drive.

The current 2-FA system offered to the public will still be live after the release of Google’s newest security program, which is more than enough for the average user. How to enroll in this new program is currently unknown to the public.

No information has been revealed on how Google will be dealing with individuals who lose their drives or keys, which will deny them access to their own account and may offer a new target to malicious users. More information on the program and its availability is expected to be released when the program goes live.

Google has declined to comment on the Advanced Protection Program, but sources say the program will be kept under close eyes to ensure these security measures are working as expected.


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