Apple iPhone X Production May See Delays


Soon die-hard fans of Apple’s iPhone will be able to hold the most radical design change since the iPhone 6. At least that’s what everyone has hoped. Reports are coming in that the most expensive iPhone ever made is looking at production issues.
This report from Forbes outlines how production is being extremely limited with concerns that it might continue well into 2018. These production delays will upset many fans during a planned 2017 super cycle of upgrades.
The root of the problem? Apple’s new camera. The new “TrueDepth” sensor is having problems being produced in the quantities that Apple demands and bottlenecks the process. Unfortunately, there’s no viable alternative for this. One of the most controversial design changes of the iPhone X is replacing the beloved Touch ID fingerprint sensor with a notch at the top of the screen for the TrueDepth sensor required for Apple’s new Face ID facial recognition system.
Apple has hoped that these risky design changes would result in another super cycle of iPhone sales similar to the launch of the iPhone 6. The 2014 design changes captured enough demand and market that Apple accelerated the pace users upgrade their iPhones. Many fans seem they will now miss this cycle.
Apple should have production issues addressed by the first quarter of 2018. This extra time should also allow Apple to get in more sales for 2018 iPhone upgrades which could push fans to upgrade earlier. Apple may get the super cycle they want, but it may come a year later.
Apple fans are already used to waiting in long lines and stores running out of stock, but this is different. The production delays seem posed to extremely limit the initial stock. Fans can count themselves extremely lucky if they manage to hold one before Christmas. Unless you plan on dropping a sizeable chunk on eBay.


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