Addressing Racial Discrimination in Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley has been on the forefront of making pledges towards ending racial discrimination in the United States. However, it has emerged that the Valley has a racial problem that is on the rise every day. The report noted that Hispanics and black representation in the world most technologically savvy region is declining despite the ongoing efforts to curb the issue of inequality. The research had been conducted by a nonprofit organization known as Ascend Foundation and was published on Tuesday. The publishing institution is an institution that works to represent the rights of Asians doing business in the United States. Ascend Foundation research involved data that span a period between 2007 and 2015. The research found out that people of color were losing out on opportunities that ranged from entry-level opportunities to executive suit opportunities. This was worse in the tech industry in comparison to other industries. This information was brought to light by Buck Gee who is the executive advisor of Ascend Foundation. At the same time, he was the co-author of this report. In the past, Buck Gee served as the general manager and vice president of Cisco Systems which is an indication that he is familiar with the tech industry.

Going by data from the last nine months, Mr. Gee said that the researchers discovered that gender gap in the tech industry is not as serious as race gap in technology. He also lamented that the gap is on the rise as the years pass by. The research asserts the conclusion that Silicon Valley is nowhere near closing the racial disparities that have existed in different sectors and industries in the United States. While the male-dominated industry has been characterized by lawsuits related to gender discrimination and sexual harassment, racial discrimination is yet to be addressed. Some of the lawsuits that continue to make headlines in Silicon Valley include the gender parity lawsuit against Google and the sexual harassment lawsuit against Uber by a former female employer known as Ellen Pao. These two issues have forced tech companies to emphasize on recruiting more women and retaining more. White women have benefited most from these efforts. In fact, the study by Ascend found out that their representation in Silicon Valley had increased by 17 percent since 2005. However, minority groups that include Asian men, Hispanics, and African Americans saw a decline in the number that acquired new positions in Silicon Valley.


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