Pokemon Go Launches New Safari Zone Event


The developers at Niantic are hard at work doing their best to bring people back into the fold for their hit mobile application. ‘Pokemon Go’ launched just two summers ago to some of the most incredible hype the world of mobile gaming has ever seen. The idea of an augmented reality Pokemon game was something that gaming nerds had dreamed of their whole life. After a disastrous start due to tech issues, Niantic finally seems to have a grip on what they are planning to do. Now, Niantic is pushing to get many events out into the public so that trainers can collaborate and engage with the game more. Trainers in Europe were recently granted the right to take part in the first Niantic Pokemon Go Safari Zone Event.

The official Safari Zone event went live on September 16th all over Europe from Germany and France to Spain. There is an official list of the activity spots uploaded to Niantic’s website that will allow trainers to find their way to the event location nearest to them. The Safari Events serve as a great opportunity for trainers to improve the quality of their Pokedex, capturing rare Pokemon along the way, while also getting to play with other trainers. During the event there will be special medals available as well as special 2KM eggs. These special items can be acquired by spinning PokeStops that are located within the Safari Event Zone.

Once inside of the Safari Zone event area players will notice a dramatic uptick in the spawning of certain rare Pokemon. These rare Pokemon include Chansey, Kangaskhan, Larvitar and more. During the event trainers will not be able to battle gyms or take part in raids. As a result, it is unlikely that the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo will be making its appearance during these events. Still there are plenty of benefits for trainers who actually make their way to one of the Safari Zone areas. There will also be special items and offers in the stores located near the events for players of Pokemon Go.

If you want to participate in the Safari Zone event you will have to use the free ticket offered by Niantic. In order to claim the ticket you must be at least 13 years old and in possession of a valid photo ID. For those that can’t make the Safari Zone event, Niantic already has a list of events played through to the end of the year.


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