New Snapchat Filters Can Change the Appearance of the Sky


Snapchat is no stranger to bizarre and delightful photo filters people can use to augment their pictures, but this new one might just change the world. Literally.

TechCrunch reports on Snapchat’s new feature they’ve released to the public. Known as the Sky Filter, it makes use of Snapchat’s signature augmented reality technology to automatically detect the sky in your phone’s camera view, allowing you to choose from several filters and repaint the world as you choose.

Released on November 25th for both iOS and Android devices, Snapchat has announced they plan to rotate the filter content daily to provide a more robust selection to their users. Artificial weather effects, like storms, starry skies, and sunsets, were some of the examples given of the filter’s content.

Similar to the app’s Face Lenses, all you have to do to activate the Sky Filter is to select it from a list of available filters on the filter carousel after activating the app and taking a picture. If it can recognize the sky within your camera’s field of view, you can change it however you like. Unfortunately, though, this feature is only available for photographs at the moment, with video filters not yet released.

As with other products, though, the Sky Filter is just a filter, and features all technological limitations that go with that. Outside of having fun and artistic expression, it’s doubtful the filter in its current state could be used for much else.

The Sky Filter is just the latest in Snapchat’s move of incorporating augmented reality into its app. Like the Face Lenses and 3D Bitmojis before it, the Sky Filter is another push towards a digitally intertwined reality. The world will have to wait and see what else the company can come up with to increase the interactivity of its app.


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