NeuroPlus Games Helping Children with ADHD


NeuroPlus is a startup aimed to help improve how the human brain functions. This company was recently asked by parents how their technology could be used to help children. NeuroPlus brought their technological capabilities to the world of gaming. This company has created a gaming system that entertains and trains the brains of players at the same time. Early testing with the NeuroPlus software recently took place, involving people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

A study finds that children with ADHD show increased focus and impulse control after playing the NeuroPlus games. This study was conducted by Dr. Sandeep Vaishnavi from Duke University. There were 60 participants taking part in this study whose ages ranged from 8-13. All participants in this study were afflicted with some form of ADHD.

In the beginning, participants were given tests to gauge the current level of ADHD subjects were experiencing. Random subjects in this study were given instructions to play the NeuroPlus gaming system. These play sessions were often 30 minutes and would happen three times per week. This study would span over the course of 10 weeks. After 10 weeks had passed, subjects were given a series of exit tests to compare with entrance exams. Business Insider reports that Vaishnavi said the overall results were “very promising.”

The team behind NeuroPlus is continuing to work on technology to help both children and adults with ADHD. You can find NeuroPlus games on both iOS and Android’s application stores. Users will need to purchase monthly subscriptions and a specially made headset to play these games. Many of these games help improve stillness and impulse control.

In closing, NeuroPlus is appearing to be a promising step forward for ADHD treatment. A recent study found that attention levels improved after people played on a NeuroPlus gaming system. This company was able to present these findings during the 6th World Congress on ADHD. There are currently app-based versions of NeuroPlus for both Apple and Android devices. People in both the medical and gaming industry are eagerly awaiting the next development created by NeuroPlus.


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