Market America Unfranchise : Leveraging Social Media


Your Market America UnFranchise business is a dynamic entity that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Market America gives you viable means to actually sell products! But you’ll have to work hard, just like any other business. One of the terrific ways that you can help your business is by using free tools, namely social media. Through the various facets and methods of interaction of social media platforms, you can communicate with your Preferred Customers, meet new potential customers and team members, and help other UnFranchise owners with useful information.


Market America CEO JR Ridinger knows the power of social media is boosting your UnFranchise business. He said “If you have not gotten onboard with ma Network, Portal shopping, the Paid to Shop program, and the Social Media campaigns for recruiting and marketing, perhaps it is time to refresh yourself and get with what is happening in the world.” It’s a clear call to get acquainted with the many tools at your disposal.


In a talk by Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley called “Social Media Tips, Strategies and Techniques”, Steve Ashley said that 46 percent of all online user rely on social media to make a purchase. That means that people use recommendations from friends and family for products they want to buy. Social media offers double the amount of leads than you do direct mail, or other marketing techniques.


Loren Ridinger offers some key tips for Twitter users: include a link, add a relevant hashtag, and ask people to retweet! You can’t get unless you ask. Although you’re limited to 140 characters, don’t sacrifice grammar for the sake of getting more words in. For the sake of space, use Bitly links, which are shortened versions of website links. Research the appropriate hashtags to use with your content so that people can easily find you. And finally, leave about twenty characters so people can add their own text when they retweet you.


Regarding LinkedIn, Ridinger uses it to find people with similarities with herself. She says it’s a great place to find people you want to work with, whether you’re interested in working with a medical professional or makeup artist. There are also groups on LinkedIn that you can join. Once you do that, get involved with the conversations and you can work to become an expert in that community. Ashley says that you need to make sure that your LinkedIn page “really screams what you’re looking for in a potential prospect.”


According to Ridinger, one of the important facets of business is establishing credibility in your field. If your product is nutraMetrix, use terms like “fitness” and “health” to bolster your profile. Additionally, make sure to post specifically regarding your area of expertise. Don’t post extraneous content that doesn’t fit into your profile identity. Establishing credibility on LinkedIn doesn’t happen in isolation. Ridinger said that she endorses people on LinkedIn to help them establish their credibility. She encourages UnFranchise owners to do the same with one another. Having that outside testimony of your expertise really makes you look legitimate.


Ridinger drives the point that “the number one thing to do on social media is to listen rather than speak.” Especially as a Market America UnFranchise owner, it’s important to curate what you put online so that you can put forth a good, positive voice for the company and for yourself. You’ll have the ability to reach many more people if you stand back and listen before talking and engaging. “You have to listen to see what people want” she emphasized.


Ashley said that people need a reason and clear value to come to your page everyday. With Instagram, you can show people a story that’s both cohesive and visually attention-grabbing. In this story, you can tell a narrative about the Market America products in the context of your daily life. Think of ways to incorporate your business and personal life in a manner that’s aesthetically pleasing and brings value to the viewer.


Really pay attention to what you’re posting on Instagram, said Loren Ridinger. Use it to drive your Market America Unfranchise business. Just by changing the content, you can increase your following and alter your audience. She suggests also having visually-stimulating contests. Through these contests, you can get more engagements with the brand and with your content. You can also obtain valuable information about your customers. For example in the case of Motives by Loren Ridinger, what colors do you customers like best? Use this information to optimize your content and drive sales. Take this information and apply it creatively. If your customers like red and other power colors, incorporate them into the aesthetic of your Instagram account through background colors, powerful and optimistic text, and objects that speak to the theme. The ultimate goal is to drive users to the Market America portals.


For Facebook, keep everything positive. We have enough problems, but we don’t all need to talk about it online. Show success and happiness, and people will want to see your content. Engage users by posting questions and open-ended prompts, and then read the comments. Even negative comments have their space, unless they have very profane language. CEO J.R. Ridinger said he doesn’t delete them because he wants people to feel comfortable posting. It’s also good to respond to comments because it shows you care about the conversation!


To gain a following on any social media platform, you need to be consistent about your posting. People want to follow others who provide valuable content on a consistent basis. Start by creating a schedule of when you’re going to post. Take into account your audience. When are they most likely to want to check social media and engage in online activity? Loren Ridinger uses HootSuite and other similar tools to pre-post her social media content. This way, she can account for her followers around the world who want her content on their time. She can also consistently post on schedule, even when she’s on vacation!


Just remember that social media is a tool for interaction and not a sales platform. People aren’t expected to be sold on something. “They want you to build that trust” Ashley said, “don’t force it”. Social media is a tremendous tool for building your Market America UnFranchise business. Establish community, expertise, and trust, and watch your sales grow!




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