Logitech Releases New G603 Gaming Mouse


Many people using their computer casually can find a wireless mouse to suit their needs. However, people using a PC for gaming need to have total accuracy. Gamers often find the smallest bit of lag makes a game much harder to play. Logitech recently released the G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse in an effort to fix this problem.

The G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse features a gray and black color combination. The exterior of this mouse looks similar to a standard mouse than other gaming devices. It’s common for a gaming mouse to be bright and large objects while the G603 is sleek and modest. The G603 Wireless Mouse will keep gamers connected for up to 500 hours before batteries need replacing.

Many PC gamers feel that having the option to customize mouse buttons layouts is important. An average gaming mouse is known to have more buttons than a traditional mouse. Logitech’s G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse features a total of six buttons. Having six buttons gives people plenty of customization options while gaming. The Logitech Gaming Software program helps to make customizing this mouse a breeze. Features of this program include setting functions, macros, and access to DPI information.

Logitech implements 2.4Ghz transmission technology for its newest wireless mouse. Unfortunately, a wireless mouse is known to cause issues relating to lagging gameplay. Lag occurs when the mouse inputs aren’t matching up to what is happening on a computer screen. However, PC Magazine reports the Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse still “suffers from noticeable lag.”

In summary, the Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse is now available. Logitech aims to create a mouse to help PC gamers in need of a wireless solution. This mouse features a sleek black and gray color combination with six total buttons. Using Logitech Gaming Software helps ensure users are ready to customize this mouse to suit their needs. One early reviewer noted that the mouse experienced regular lag. However, the Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse is continuing to receive generally positive reviews.


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