iPhone 8 Design Makes it Difficult and Expensive to Repair


Most tech-lovers have a fear of dropping and breaking your smartphone. This occurs relatively frequently due to glass screens and the existence of glass in other areas of particular smartphones. With this said, Apple just released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, both of which include a glass panel on the back of the phone rather than the metal backs on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But what does this mean for new iPhone owners? Essentially, it means that they have one more thing to worry about when dropping their phone.

According to The Verge, who reported on the newly released iPhone 8 teardown by iFixit, you really do not want to break the glass on the back panel. This is due to the fact that the wireless charging coil, which requires the glass back in order to function properly, is connected to a reinforcement panel, which is connected to the glass panel. This connection makes the new iPhone much more difficult to repair. In fact, Apple has already stated that, under AppleCare, it will actually cost more to replace the phone’s back panel than the screen of the phone. iFixit also reported that their teardown actually visibly damaged the integrity of the glass panel, which further complicates repairs.

iFixit came to the conclusion that the iPhone 8 is actually more difficult to repair than the iPhone 7 and gave the iPhone 8 and reparability rating of six which is lower than the score of the iPhone 7. With this in mind, it must be noted that the iPhone 8’s score is still higher than that of the Samsung Note 8, which was given a four.
Well, at least there is one winner in this situation. It is possible that the cost and difficulty of repairing the back panel of the iPhone 8 will increase the sales of heavy-duty phone cases that are compatible with the new phone. One last detail to note is that Apple may be releasing an even more difficult phone to repair: the iPhone X, which may be even more expensive to repair due to the custom Super Retina OLED display.


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