How the iPhone has Evolved


For those that have followed the development of the iPhone, they can tell you that the first of its kind was introduced to the world 10 years ago by the late Steve Jobs. In the beginning, people bought the phone just for curiosity. This has been changed to our best companion whenever we go. However, let’s not forget that the iPhone was not the first smartphone. But most importantly, it’s fair to give credit where its worth, iPhone has transformed the way people connect and interact. While it was not the first machine, touching the gadget 10 years ago made you feel that your tech-addled life had changed forever. During the first days, only the simple things seemed magical. Imagine the internet at your pocket where you could view recipes, football scores, and baseball scores. We must have been very innocent. Today, this may seem like small things. What people don’t understand is that the collection of these tiny conveniences add up to something that some people can’t live without even today. If you can remember, some people even resorted to returning the gadget. Reasons being that the camera was not near perfection. At the same time, the App Store was nothing people knew about. Only one carrier was allowed by the device that cost you $600.

The first version of iPhone was very slow. Despite these shortcomings, you could see the future by just loading a web page. However, with the second version of the iPhone, the speed of the internet became better. In fact, the internet could connect from virtually anywhere. If you can remember, Steve Jobs objected the creation of the App Store which the company went ahead to create. Then all over a sudden, iPhone found its use. It had the ability to mimic anything on this earth. It could function as a flashlight or even as a game boy. Today we can appreciate that most of the products we use on the iPhone are the creations of other people. Thanks to GPS, it’s possible to track the location of virtually any user of iPhone. At the same time, don’t forget how the maps can help you maneuver around. GPS has led to the emergence of better services such as Tinder and Uber. Later on, iPhone 4 brought about a front camera, and this led to the rise of the “selfies.” Many versions were introduced later, and here we are with version X. A phone that can charge wirelessly and recognize your face.

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