Google in a Gender Discrimination Law Suit


Google has been hit with a lawsuit from three former employees who are women. The three women are accusing the technology giant of underpaying women systematically while at the same time paying men who do the same jobs more. They, therefore, feel that the move by Google is gender discriminating. The lawsuit was brought to the Superior Court of California, San Francisco on Tuesday. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs argue that the company had the responsibility of telling them about the pay disparity that exists between men and women. At the same time, they accuse Google of failing to rectify the issue even after it was brought to light. The case is being argued by lawyers from the Leiff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein. One of the lawyers is Kelly M. Dermoddy. He says that despite Google being one of the leading innovators in the world, they have deliberately refused to reward female employees appropriately. The lawyer says that the case seeks to bring forth equality and fairness for women working at Google. During the past few years, Google and other powerful technology companies such as Facebook and Apple have come under criticism for failing to elevate women. The two contentious issues are key engineering roles as well as leadership roles.

The scrutiny has worsened in the past few weeks following a memo that was written by an employee who has since been fired. The software engineer had argued that the efforts by the company to promote women to engineering roles were not fair. At the same time, the memo argued that the move was not good for business. At the moment, 31 percent of Google workers are women. When it comes to high paying jobs, women occupy 20 percent of these positions. Google Spokeswoman Gina Scigliano acknowledged that the company was in the process of reviewing the suit. She noted that the company held different opinions with the ones expressed with the central allegations. The spokeswoman said that there are checks within Google to do away with gender discrimination especially on job levels and promotions. Google is currently in a contentious fight with the United States Labor Department that wants to audit the pay practices of the company. The department released a statement saying that they had discovered systematic compensation disparities especially on women working in all departments of Google. Just over a week ago, snapshots of salary information filled by the company’s employees surfaced online showing the pay disparity.


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