Fabletics Continues to Innovate Activewear Under Don Ressler’s Watchful Eye


When it comes to women’s athletic wear, most women are stuck between two choices: fashionable or affordable. In fact, the women’s sportswear market has had quite the gap between fashion and functionality for a very long time. With active wear consumption at an all time high in 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took notice of the trends. Realizing that women’s athletic wear wasn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon, they co-founded Fabletics with a simple mission: create great looking active wear that was fashionable, functional and above all, affordable.

By putting their heads together, Don Ressler and Adam were able to come up with a revolutionary vision for women’s active wear. Instead of focusing on what the current market trends were, they instead focused on what women wanted. And sure enough, through consumer tests and focus groups, they were able to determine that some of the greatest problems plaguing women in the sportswear world were consistent across the board. The clothes were garish, expensive and oftentimes were ill-fitting. The quality of these clothes was abysmal and less than comfortable as well. In short, it was very difficult to put together an outfit that looked good and felt good without spending a fortune.

Don Ressler’s work with Kate Hudson as the face of the brand changed all of that. One of the issues with the sports fashion industry was that branding was relatively ubiquitous and few companies were able to target specifically to women with their brands. However, the actress Kate Hudson would prove to be a friendly, confident and appealing face. With her as the spokeswoman for the organization, Kate would be able to create a relationship with consumers, connecting Fabletics to the masses. With her passion for the media world and her ability to communicate well with customers, Kate Hudson was brought onboard as a cofound. To this day, she still takes her work seriously and focuses on improving the brand’s presence online and in person.

Working through several hiccups, including funding issues in the early stages of the company, Don Ressler was able to punch through one of the biggest foes of comfortable sportswear: complexity. To make a pair of sports pants both functional and fashionable was no small task and it was something that manufacturers wouldn’t be able to create so readily. However, with Ressler’s focus and determination, as well as his previous experience in the fashion industry, he and his team were able to improve the clothing to the point where it was quite comfortable and high in quality.

One thing that made Fabletics immediately different from its competitors was the fact that it

Fabletics Co-Founder Don Ressler

had a strong online presence and great grassroots appeal. Using Kate Hudson’s charisma and conversational skills, they were able to sufficiently market it online, eschewing the traditional retail system. In addition to selling online, they developed a discount pricing system. Essentially, a person could sign up for Fabletics VIP and pay a flat monthly fee of $50 a month. In exchange for becoming a VIP, a customer would receive discounted clothing, free shipping and reward points for their purchases.

This model proved a great way to gain income in exchange for basically discounting a product that they were always going to be selling. This when combined with an appealing website that utilizes a quiz to help suggest clothing options to a woman based on her choices and options ultimately creates for a great customer experience that has seriously set Fabletics apart from the rest of their competition.

Don Ressler couldn’t be more happy with the results of his hard work and effort to make a company that refused to be exploitative of women who were looking for good fashion choices. The economics of affordable workout clothing combined with the high-speed efficiency of online shopping has shown that women’s sportswear can be fun, functional and affordable. This company is providing a great amount of support to busy women everywhere who are looking to take care of their health while also enjoying the way they look.

Not satisfied with just maintaining the status quo, Fabletics has announced that in 2017 they will begin working to expand their market, aiming at the plus sized woman category. This is tremendous because fashionable clothes for larger women who are looking to take their health seriously will provide them with both incentive and comfort to lose weight, get in shape and take care of themselves.


  1. Don Ressler’s must have a very good model to gain income in exchange for basically discounting a product that they were always going to be selling.

  2. I’m in love with their wide range of athletic and fashionable wears at a pretty good deal. Finally, an apparel company who listens to what most women want. Now we will have more women into physical activities who are more inspired to take care of their selves coz they feel good and look good with what they’re wearing. Thank you Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg!


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