A Political Environment Run by Technology Entrepreneurs


Since time immemorial, Silicon Valley has always stayed away from national politics. However, this is becoming difficult during the Trump administration as there have been outbursts in the recent months. This has been caused by the behavior and the habits of the president. The first outburst occurred when President Trump issued an executive order banning Muslims from six nations from entering the US. This was then followed by the transgender ban on the US troops. Things became worse when the president supported the actions of the White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. The latest decision to suspend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Tuesday only served to make the situation worse as he was condemned by various executives in Silicon Valley. The New York Times today reported that Silicon Valley is becoming politically awakened due to their increasing contribution to the US economy. This means that they will influence the politics in the future after President Trump has left office. The question that people ask themselves now is the sort of policies that could be pushed by technologically driven politics. A straightforward answer was offered for this study by a Stanford University study that was carried out by political scientists. The study reveals how the political scenario would be if it was driven by technologists who are often misunderstood by people outside the field.

The report first came to light at the American Political Association forum that was held last week. According to the survey, there are fears that lawmakers would be pushed further left when it comes to issues relating to the economy and society. Most of the lawmakers who would be affected were the Democrats. This would make stalwart supporters of the Democratic Party especially the labor unions to undermine their influence. Some would propose rules to control the technology industry. According to the study, it was revealed that most of the tech entrepreneurs happen to be liberals. In fact, the study showed that it’s only in technology where you would find the most left-leaning Democrats. The study showed that these are the people who support most on the economic policies that favor distribution of wealth. This is why you will find most of them favor high tax cuts for the rich and at the same time emphasis on the need for social services for the poor. The report also goes ahead to explain that most of the tech entrepreneurs are globalists who support cosmopolitan.


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