The Growing Threat of Radicalization


The internet has been crucial in the radicalization of young people. This, on the other hand, has led to relevant stakeholders agonizing about finding a solution. People currently working to find a solution include lawmakers, technology companies as well as law enforcement officers. In the past, we used to think that only violent jihadists benefited from the messages to seek violent actions against the mainstream society. It has turned out that the white supremacists are also benefiting from the call to action messages. In the past, the Ku Klux Klan could grow by word of mouth and through personal connections. However, it has emerged that the supremacists are using the internet to spread their message and recruit more potential racists. This became evident from what we witnessed from Charlottesville protests in Virginia. A researcher from Data & Society acknowledged that it was very crucial that these people emerged from their cocoons to the public space using these means. The researcher is Joan Donovan, and she specializes in right wing extremism and media manipulation. It was a way for the supremacists to show people who they are. It was also a way of getting to know each other for them.

From these studies, some similarities and differences on how the internet shapes extremism has emerged. For instance, one thing remains as clear as day to the two groups. They have different motivations as well as views. However, the way they spread their message remains the same. The same is true with the way they organize their offline missions. They also have the same way of recruiting their followers. These discoveries are very crucial in suppressing the growth of these groups and forums. Researchers from the United States and Europe refer to these efforts by these two groups as the same. They are working on ways that can help eliminate their ideas. This is based on some few truths about how everything functions. Therefore, there are some few tips that people should realize if they are to defeat the growing radicalization over the internet. First, people ought to treat the internet as a place where extremism breeds. Major players in this industry such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have realized this, and they are taking the appropriate measures. Another way of dealing with this issue is directly becoming involved with potential recruits. While blocking some content by the tech companies may work for a while, the real solution can only come from taking the bull by its horns.


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