Sling TV Browser Support


Sling TV, among the first to bring live TV to the internet, is now available for viewing via web browsers. Google Chrome will be the first to provide its users an opportunity to test Sling’s new media player. Sling TV’s web browser will be accesible on both Windows and Mac operating systems, notes TechCrunch.

The web player gives subscribers a chance to watch Sling’s live TV and on-demand content, just as they would on the Sling’s platforms. In other words, Sling TV on gaming consoles, mobile devices, the traditional desktop program, and streaming devices offer almost the same experience you would find with the new web player. Search and Settings, of course, is still available.

The web player still gives subscribers access to popular functions of the app like the “Continue Watching” queue and “My TV” section for a personal TV offering. Content is organized in categories such as Comedy, Drama, Reality, Kids, Movies, Sports, and more.

Unfortunately, the web player does not support all of Sling TV’s features you would find in other platforms. The modern “grid” TV guide design and Sling TV DVR functionality is not yet available. The company, however, plans to bring these features to a later version of the web player.

The Sling TV web player is plug-in-play, meaning you won’t need to install a browser plug-in or Chrome extension to start watching. Subscribers can sign-on to the usual website and login to start using the web player.

Although the release seems underwhelming to some, bringing web support is a small step to a much larger audience. To compete with the modern day giants in the entertainment streaming industry, a web player is a vital part of the user’s overall experience.

In today’s market, subscribers are exposed to multiple providers. This includes Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live, and YouTube TV, just to name a few. Customers are comparing their experience with potential experiences on a daily basis. Content alone is not enough for some, preferring accessibility across as many platforms as possible instead.

Sling TV’s beta release of the Chrome web player is now available for all subscribers


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