iPhone 8 Leak


One of the most anticipated days of every year for those that are interested in technology is the release of the updated version of the iPhone. Most years, Apple will announce the new phone at an important briefing that is seen by consumers and investors. During this event, they will normally discuss all of the new features of the newest phone and will also announce the release date, which is normally a few days later. Like most years, there are many rumors about what features could be included in the newest version. Those that are interested in rumors recently were awarded with a leak that discussed the body and some features of the phone (https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2017/08/13/apple-iphone-8-design-specs-camera-price-release-date/#70755ea611f7).

A consumer electronics specialist was reportedly provided with a version of the phone that allowed the specialist to understand the detail behind the Apple iPhone 8, which is expected to be released to the public at some point in September. This year, the company is expected to release just one version of the phone, which will be the Apple iPhone 8. This is different than in years past when they also had a larger “plus” size of the phone. With the iPhone 8, users will get a phone that is somewhat in between the iPhone 7 and 7-Plus sizes.

The overall design and feel of the phone is very sleek. The screen of the phone is 5.8 inches, which is among the largest for all smart phones on the market today. The phone will also look to fix some of the design issues that consumers complained about with prior models, including the overall visibility of the cameras and speakers. Instead, users these features will appear more hidden when not in use.

While the overall leak so far has only released information about the design of the case of the phone, there are many other rumors that are going around about the software and hardware of the phone as well. It is expected that the newest version of the phone will be the fastest yet. This will provide users with the ability to complete more tasks at the same time without crashing or experiencing delays. Users of the phone will also expect a higher price tag. At this point, it is estimated that the iPhone 8 will cost around $1200, which will make it the most expensive yet and could cause some affordability concerns for users.


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