Inspiration and Motivation Spring from the Mind of Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier
Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Some entrepreneurs seem to have enough energy to light the sky, and Eric Pulier’s trajectory is one of the brightest. Not every budding talent receives recognition by a president, but his building and running the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for President Clinton’s 2nd inauguration in 1996 brought plenty of it. The stunning achievement accents only one area of Pulier’s life that makes him famous as a published author and columnist, philanthropist, public speaker, technologist, entrepreneur and originator as well as financial sponsor of many companies.

Pulier’s concept for the display on the Mall in Washington, D.C. highlighted the essential role that technology has in education, manufacturing, entertainment and many other fields, according to Bloomberg. As a highly successful entrepreneur in enterprise technology, he has earned awards for successful inventions and concepts for cloud computing that point to his remarkable capabilities.

Getting an Early Start on Technology

Computers fascinated Eric Pulier as soon as his fourth grade where he began using elementary computers to develop his programming skills. Signs of his innovative tendencies to become an entrepreneur showed up in his interest in technology while his classmates took basic math and spelling tests. Even then, he was drawn to think like an entrepreneur who wants to find a better way to do things.

By the time that he was on his way to Harvard, he had mastered the concept of databases and their importance to businesses. To benefit from his ideas and adventures with technology, he created a database company while he worked at a 7-11 when almost everyone else had no concept of the computer tool.

While his undergraduate studies focused on the English language and American literature, his focus turned to technological innovation after graduation. As a student, he showed promise as lead editor and writer for the Harvard Crimson where he got to showcase his humor and intellectual insights. Ready to start putting his dreams into reality, Eric Pulier headed to Los Angeles and an outstanding future in technology with his magna cum laude degree in English and American Literature from Harvard University in hand.

Heading West to Pursue Fame

One of his first ventures in Los Angeles in the early 90s was to start People Doing Things, an organization that promoted the use of technology in health care and education among other areas. It was not long before he conceived of Digital Evolution and merged it with US Interactive LLC to establish a platform for a broader audience. More entrepreneurial start-ups soon followed, including Akana, Desktone, Media Platform, ServiceMesh and Starbright World.

Remembering to Share with Others

Eric Pulier believes that each person can reach full potential by persisting through the trials that life presents. His thoughtful philosophy that he shares with others provides inspiration and motivation. A belief that a sense of peace, purpose and joy can come from making contributions to society helps explain his dedication to Starbright World, a service that he established to safely enable hospitalized children to use the internet to communicate and feel less isolated. It supports children and families at more than 700 hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States. Pulier believes that real success comes from investing in an important purpose. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to believe that innovation is within reach of everyone who wants to reinvent ways to experience the world.

Demonstrating Extraordinary Philanthropic Inventiveness

Eric Pulier continues to commit his life to helping others, and one of his notable ventures is the XPrize Foundation. It brings together talented people who want to push the limits of possibility to change and improve the world. Individuals and teams can win awards for hard work and innovative ideas that focus on problems that seem to have no solution. Winning entries must provide an impetus for a new industry or breathe new life with long-lasting benefits into an existing one. The Painted Turtle is another of Pulier’s philanthropic ventures on behalf of children. A camp for those with chronic illnesses, it gives them an opportunity to have some happy moments and forget about their troubles. The program includes funding for medical needs.

Culminating in Continued Success

Always on a quest to remain a successful technology entrepreneur with ventures that meet his charitable and commercial goals, Pulier recently founded vAtomic Systems where he serves as CEO of his latest start-up. In constant pursuit of perfection, he focuses on growing the companies that he started, and he makes sure to observe public preferences by engaging with his community. For his newest project, he is developing a digital asset for cloud computing with mobile devices. The focus of the company is to track the purchase of digital products and increase the ease of trading them in during online transactions.

In line with his belief in finding the best and brightest associates, Pulier has assembled a group of highly experienced technology professionals at vAtomic Systems. The vAtoms can digitize anything that has value, including goods and services as well as discounts to turn them into interactive digital experiences. The company is the first to merge the physical world with the digital to create new levels of engagement.

Pulier told interviewers that it not possible to know when one idea can create a new one, but it is incredibly important to consider each one. Creativity may come from connecting links between concepts that are not obvious, and reading books that provide unfamiliar information can support the process. As a certainty, he believes that the power of persistence helps to produce a creative outcome.



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