How Technology Companies are Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey


If you are keen on the colors used by the National Weather Service, you will realize that they have added a new color to its precipitation map following Hurricane Harvey. Residents of Houston are still experiencing heavy rain, probably more rainfall than they have ever experienced in their entire life. At the moment, the damage and impact of the storm cannot be assessed. People from the area have joined hands to help those affected. Most are using technology to ensure that they help. Distress calls are being made on Twitter and Facebook. People with an extra bedroom or a bathroom can make the information available on social media. All eyes on Texas has resulted to tech giants in the US to join hands to help the victims. The companies include Apple, Google, Facebook, Lyft, Amazon Microsoft and Airbnb.

Apple has always been on the forefront to help people affected by natural disasters. To show its solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the tech giant has resulted to adding a donation button to the iOS App Store and iTunes. The company announced that these donations would go to the American Red Cross. With this button, Apple users can donate amounts between $5 and $200 using the details they registered with. In a tweet, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook pleaded with Americans to pray for the affected and join in the relief efforts.

Google was also not left behind in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The tech giant announced that they would donate $1 million for every million donated to help these victims. They also mentioned that they would be collaborating with the American Red Cross. By the time that the company made this announcement, it had collected $140,917 towards helping these victims. Google has also added specific alerts that would help relief fundraisers and people affected by the storm. Detailed emergency phone numbers have also been added to google maps.

On its part, Facebook is carrying out a matching campaign with a limit of $1 million. They are collaborating with Center for Disaster Philanthropy. This is a center that is focused on disaster preparedness and helping people recover from natural disasters. There is also a specific safety check that is meant on checking on family and friends that have been affected by the disaster. Amazon has also not been left behind. Other than making a $1 million donation, the company has added a wish list menu on their website.


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