Garmin and IDLife Team Up for Strategic Wellness Endeavor

Garmin teams up with IDLife and Logan Stout

Today, more people than ever before are putting a higher priority on taking steps to become healthier and more active. In fact, this is abundantly clear by the massive increase in sales of wearable fitness tracking devices. Statistics show that the wearable fitness device industry exceeded sales of $2 billion in 2015 and that number is only expected to increase each year. People are interested in much more than just becoming more active, however. The nutritional supplement industry is also one that experiences billions of dollars worth of sales annually, indicating that many people are in search of a holistic approach to overall wellness. For the most part, it seems individuals are in search of targeted nutritional supplements that will help them maintain the type of healthy lifestyle that prevents disease and promotes long term well-being.

What is Garmin International?

Garmin International is a leader in the development of technologically advanced wearable fitness trackers. Whether an individual is looking to increase their daily steps or to improve in their specialized sport, Garmin provides a wide array of devices designed to track significant fitness related details. The data collected from these fitness trackers can then be used to enhance the lives of those who wear them. From smart watches to intelligently designed scales, Garmin provides something for everyone looking to get more fit and healthy.

What is IDLife?

IDLife is the first nutritional supplement to design dietary supplements that can be customized to the consumer’s unique health and fitness goals. Since no two people are the same, nor do they have the same goals, IDLife recognizes that their supplements should reflect these differences. Excited customers from all across America are experiencing positive results from these vitamins, meal replacement shakes, and other types of nutritional supplements offered by IDLife.

Garmin and IDLife Create a Unique Partnership

Garmin International and IDLife have recently announced that they are joining together in a unique partnership designed to further their common goal of helping millions of people achieve their health and fitness related goals. Both companies share a common belief that health is determined by much more than a simple number on a scale. In fact, both companies devoutly support the concept that the most important determining factor in achieving health is leading an active and healthy lifestyle overall.

Garmin has been a powerful leader in the wearable fitness device industry for well over a decade. The company has been on the forefront of bringing to life technology that enables fitness enthusiasts to track pertinent details that allow them to make needed improvements. On the nutritional side of things, IDLife has allowed existing customers to make real progress toward reaching important health goals by providing completely customizable dietary supplements.

One unique example of the power this partnership can provide lies with Garmin’s innovative Index Smart Scale. Gone are the days when bathroom scales only measured weight. The Index Smart Scale is wifi enabled and allows the user to accurately track body weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and body water percentage.

IDLife provides an interactive mobile app called ID Wellness. This app is designed to interact with Garmin’s outstanding Vivo line of fitness trackers. Aside from the ability of the app to interface directly with the fitness trackers, the wearable devices themselves offer some exciting technology and enhanced improvements over previous models. For example, the Vivo line of fitness trackers offers an exceptionally long battery life and some of the best water resistant ratings available in wearable devices. Other features include heart rate monitoring, a variety of fitness profiles based on the user’s preferred type of exercise, and smart notifications. With a vast array of sizes, styles, and colors available, there is a Garmin product that is appropriate for everyone’s needs and wishes. With the joint efforts of these two passionate companies, more people than ever before will be able to access innovative products to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Who is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is a well-known and accomplished business man, author, and entrepreneur. Logan has a long reputation for success in the many types of professional ventures he has pursued. Logan Stout’s most recent professional undertaking has been the development of the exciting health and wellness company called IDLife.

Logan Stout launched IDLife in May of 2014. Since that time, the innovative company has experienced exponential growth. In fact, many other leaders in the area of fitness and nutrition have also gotten on board in the journey toward offering real-world solutions to many health and fitness problems that plague people today. IDLife was recognized as one of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies to exist in America in 2016, proving the company has experienced a great deal of success on their journey so far.

Aside from the exciting endeavor of creating such a unique nutritional supplement company, Logan Stout is passionate about helping people in other ways as well. For one thing, he enjoys helping others develop the same types of leadership skills that have allowed him to experience the degree of success that he has had up to this point. To further his goal of helping other’s develop leadership skills, Logan published a successful book on the topic in 2013. The goal of this publication is to inspire and empower today’s generations to become the successful leaders of the future.

Like many others, Logan also has a passion for sports. He combined his passion for sports with his desire to help the youth of today reach their goals by founding the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. This mentoring program allows young people from all over the country to work hand in hand with top-notch leaders, coaches, and instructors. Many of the youth who are mentored in this program go on to successfully compete in college level sports, opening up unique doors of opportunity for these young adults. Logan Stout continues to lend his expertise and real-world experience to helping others achieve the same degree of success that he has realized.

The wearable fitness technology and nutritional supplement industries pull in billions of dollars worth of revenue annually as people all over the world search for help with reaching their health and fitness related goals. The answer may very well lie in a combination of these two exciting parts of a healthy lifestyle. As we continue to monitor the relationship between Garmin and IDLife, we look forward with excitement to the benefits technology can bring to the world of health and wellness.


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