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The name Daniel Mark Harrison commands tremendous respect in the business and cryptocurrency fields due to the great strides he has made in the sectors. He is a jack-of-all-trades. Harrison is an author, a businessman, an entrepreneur, and a block chain evangelist, among other things. In August 2015, Isabella Kaminska described Harrison in the Financial Times as, “Journalist. Author. Publisher. Editor-in-chief. FactoryBanking inventor. Serial entrepreneur. Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast [and] Blockchain evangelist. A direct descendant of The House of Harrison, the bloodline behind money-printing business Harrison & Sons, which FTSE-listed De La Rue acquired in 1997.” These statements are impressive, and below I will elaborate on his outstanding career.

Having studied BA, Theology in University of Oxford (1998-1999); Masters of Business Administration at BI Norwegian Business School (2005-2006) and Master’s degree in Journalism (Business) at New York University (2007-2008); he utilized the knowledge and skills to create an empire of a successful businessman. He is the CEO and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. (DMH&CO) since October 2015. The company is fully owned and managed by him for taking care of the assets belonging to him and those of his family. Moreover, the company runs the day-to-day affairs and estates belonging to him and his family members. Their offices are situated in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. It currently stands as a global investment company of vast reputation.

He has also been the Managing partner of Monkey Capital; a fin-tech and block chain venture capital firm since March 2016. The firm is described as a decentralized digital asset and block chain investment bank.

Mr. Harrison has been contributed to CoinSpeaker for many years. Numerous successes are recorded during his tenure. He managed to grow readership to more than 450,000 per month. He has managed the editorial team and helped with optimization of the site while preparing for Google news syndication. He has been involved in the breaking of numerous stories including: ‘Top Bitcoin Brokerage sees margin Shorts up 10X in 24hours’, ‘Altcoin Investors Pile into Shares After $1.025million VC Round’ and ‘The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index?’.

Since May 2015, he has been the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Marx Rand, a news publication dealing with matters of general interest. During its first bi-annual conception credited it uncovered how an FBI undercover was heading the Ku Klux Klan. It also linked Toyota vehicle manufacturer to slave labor and uncovered how FDA and US drug companies failed in the resolution of increased incidences of Haitian cervical cancer.

He was a columnist for 6 years at the Motley fool from 2009-2015and was credited with making recommendations pertaining to stock prices in the US and UK markets that were detailed, straight forward and entertaining. He also led in the revelation of woes in Nintendo (2010) and in December 2014, revealed Jelf PLC’s intention in pursuing an acquisition strategy. This made other insurers realize it is a potential target. He recommended and led to the pair/switch trade composed of Astra Zeneca and GSK leading to Beta enhanced 2014 second half outperformance.

He served as a senior Manager at Minisuco Ltd in Shanghai city – China from February to June 2014. This is a great manufacturer of leather and finished furniture. Moreover, the company is the owner of a Top 100 US furniture retailer that has yearly revenue of $80mm. He was there on a consulting basis as a consultant of M&A/Capital Advisory. He introduced parties to aid in the achievement of a reliable investment structure necessary for the China Real Estate Investments and US retail of the company. He was able to negotiate the purchase of a competitor with the corporate legal advisor, CEO and US corporate advisor. He increased outlook of global investment by working in tandem with superb equity fund manager.

Mr. Harrison worked as a co-founder of Stanley Court Ltd for 4years (Jan 2010- Dec 2013) in Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan area. This was a company for investment holding and asset brokerage. He was crucial in marketing and fundraising various projects e.g. Facebook-pre-IPO($13m) Air India-Aircraft Sale(13m), Hedge Fund- 3rd arty Cap raise($Various) among others. He was instrumental in Syndicating and structuring a Lease Portfolio for $1billiion Aircraft sold to Middle Eastern HNW client and 2× A320 lease of Aircraft to U airlines.

He worked for Asia Markets-The Street in New York from August 2006 to September 2009. The Street.com Inc. (TST) is a NASDAQ listed company in digital financial media that provides clients with a variety of content through online, tablet, social media and mobile channels. He was able to jumpstart TheStreet.com office in Hong Kong that specialized in collection and sale of market intelligence from Asia region to investors in the US. He jumpstarted and wrote Asia week market and Asia daily commentary plus China Watch. He was also key in co-production of Asia products and news featured videos. He was instrumental in engagement with hedge fund managers in Us and globally in roundtable discussions.

From January to April 2005, Mr. Daniel served as Head of Private Clients at St. Helen’s Capital Plc where he developed executive summaries, pitch books, private placement memoranda for public listings for corporate clients, key in revenue generation. The firm’s sales to private clients annually increased from £250,000 to more than £2 million in the first quarter. He was also instrumental in establishing platforms for distribution for sale to hedge funds and venture capitalists at St. Helen’s Capital.

He has published books such as Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World and The Millennial Reincarnation. His contributions to reputable sites are notable and include Forbes, TheStreet.com, The Wall Street Journal, Portfolio magazine, BNET.com among others.

Harrison’s Monkey Capital recently made history by being the pioneer in successfully selling pre-ICO options called COEVAL trading on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The product was said to be from the future and termed as the “billion dollar baboon” by the Huffington Post. Monkey Capital thus made history by creating the pioneer Crowdfunding Option. Thus the company hyped the market and cut a niche for itself by being the pioneer in innovations as others follow them.

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