Bumble Creator Whitney Wolfe Explains Why We Need Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF and Whitney Wolfe
Bumble BFF and Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has just expanded her dating app to help women make new friends. It is called “Bumble BFF,” and it works a lot like the Bumble dating app. Like Bumble, Bumble BFF allows you to swipe right on options that the device selects for you. Rather than romantic relationships, this app is all about friendships.

To begin, the first thing you must do is download the Bumble app. From there, you will have the option of switching on “BFF mode.” After you have done this, the men who were chosen for you as possible love interests will be replaced by female faces. As with the Bumble app, you would be required to swipe right if you are interested in connecting with anyone. The person on the other end has the option to do the same, and after this is done, you will have 24 hours to strike up a conversation.

To reduce the possibility of any confusion, the app will be coded “yellow” when you are engaging in a discussion with a date. When you are talking to a potential friend, the app will be coded “green.”

Does the World Need Bumble BFF?

People are wondering why Bumble creator Whitney Wolfe developed Bumble BFF, and she has a very simple explanation. For one, Bumble users were asking for the ability to use their Bumble apps to find friends of the same sex in the same way that they find romantic interests. That’s because they were entering their own gender into “show me” settings with the intention of looking for friendships rather than dating relationships.

Another demographic proved to be important in setting up this new app. Women who had just moved to a new town and those who were on vacation needed a quick way to make friends. She also wanted to add some extra features to Bumble BFF that aren’t currently on Bumble.

Bumble users were instrumental as the reason why Whitney Wolfe created Bumble BFF, but she also has experience of her own in this area and knows how hard it is to make friends. She has been on the move ever since she finished college, and in those few short years, she has lived in six different cities and founded two companies. Because she has been so busy, she hasn’t had any time to begin cultivating friendships. She realized that she is exactly the person who needs something like Bumble BFF, and she is happy to provide it for the many women who are in her shoes.

The statistics also let Whitney know that she has embarked upon a highly useful idea. Women are getting married on average at the age of 27. This gives them more time to live their lives without a spouse and makes same-sex friendships even more important. Social media has been a hindrance rather than a help for women who want to make friends because Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all platforms for helping people remain in touch with people they already know.

Bumble BFF is perfect for the demographic that Whitney Wolfe wants to attract. Women in their 20s who are users of social media are the most active users of the Bumble BFF app.

How Bumble BFF Works

After you have downloaded the Bumble app, you may sign up on your Facebook page and set up your profile. Both your potential dates and potential friends will see this same profile when they are logged into the system.

You will be able to go into Bumble BFF mode at this point. The app gives you the opportunity to search for friends in your immediate area, or you can perform a wider search in an entirely different area. You will receive several results for people who may be good matches for you.

If you see someone who interests you, you can save that particular person by swiping right. On the other hand, if you don’t think that you and the person suggested are going to be a good match, you can swipe left, and the picture will be removed from your queue.

At the time that you are making selections, other people are seeing your profile and choosing to swipe right on you. In the event that you make a connection, you will be notified. In BFF mode, either one of you will be able to initiate a conversation. If you are interested, you can begin to chat with the other person, but if you aren’t, the conversation disappears after 24 hours.

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Whitney’s Background

Whitney Wolfe graduated from Southern Methodist University where she was a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. When Ms. Wolfe had the opportunity to start her own dating app, she called it “Bumble,” and promoted it as a dating app that puts women in charge. She branched out into making it easier for women to meet each other and form friendships with the Bumble BFF app and has plans to launch BumbleBizz in the United States.

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