AI Goals Unite Facebook and Ozlo


Facebook has acquired the tech startup, Ozlo, to maybe improve it’s basic virtual assistant. It is assumed that Ozlo is meant to form the knowledge base of Facebook’s current text-based assistant. Ozlo’s vast knowledge could help Facebook build a smart and natural communicator – if that’s the aim.

Facebook has a current virtual assistant called M. It went into well-publicized development in 2015 with much it’s creation garnering much interest. It was released in 2017 as a feature of Facebook’s Messaging app. Unfortunately for the developers, it was an underwhelming release for some users. M makes suggestions based on typed keywords and requests. If it does not understand the request, the user can complete the task themselves and M could learn from the action.

Ozlo is a company based in Palo Alto that focuses on having the facts and knowledge so that AI, like M, are not stumped by typical user queries. Ozlo works on building knowledge graphs with an incredibly large quantity of facts about the world. It launched API’s this past March that were based off those knowledge graphs. Their service was offering the collected data for developers to use with their artificial intelligence (AI) in order to make connections and build conversational intelligence. A demo has been released on the Ozlo website, responding to queries in natural language and suggesting related information.

Facebook and Ozlo Merged
Facebook is acquiring Ozlo’s entire workforce, with the majority transferring over to Facebook’s messenger team. Official word from Facebook representatives is that the Ozlo team will continue to work on advancing artificial intelligence and communication, their specialty in the tech world.

It’s still unclear where exactly this development is going. The current suggestions are that Facebook is planning to update M to be a more helpful and natural assistant in their messaging app.


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