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Bob Reina has had the pleasure of being invited to write a second article for MarTech Advisor, and this one is about the trends that are going on in the video advertising arena this year. He is just the person to write such an article that will be distributed to more than one million executives in the marketing industry because he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the video marketing firm Talk Fusion.

As a global video marketing company, Talk Fusion gives Bob Reina a lot to talk about where video advertising is concerned. In his article “Video Advertising Trends of 2017,” Bob highlights last year’s newest and fastest movers of video styles and techniques. He goes on to explain how those styles and techniques will be a part of video marketing this year.

The importance of the article’s placement in MarTech Advisor cannot be understated because it is a publication that is read by a large number of Chief Marketing Officers. As a matter of fact, it is in the top 10 of publications that focus on the issue.

The executives at MarTech personally invited Bob to share his thoughts on global video marketing, and he was happy to oblige. He believed that it would be important for those in the industry to embrace video. He also wanted to inform everyone why it is in their best interests to put video at the center of their marketing strategies.

Bob’s company Talk Fusion is known as an “all-in-one Video Marketing Solution,” and he has won several awards along the way. As the head of this company, his duty is to meet with the IT professionals at other companies and inform them where consumer trends are going. He also shares his market analyses and explains what is behind video’s popularity.

In Bob’s article, he points out the fact that video is more than just a marginally positive tool for businesses to have in their marketing arsenal. He states that video is “an advertiser’s most valuable asset,” and this is the type of information that MarTech Advisors wants to bring to its audience.

The first product that Talk Fusion introduced to the market was “Video Email.” Way back in 2004, Bob understood that there was going to be a tremendous need for online video in the near future, but it took him a long time to get things off the ground. The wait has paid off because companies large and small on all corners of the globe are now taking an interest.

Bob’s latest article seeks to explain to business executives exactly how to begin using video in their operations. But, before he does that, he wants to ensure that everyone knows why it is important for them to be using video. Then, they will be able to jump on this major trend and take it to the next level.

Bob is not a stranger to writing articles for publications. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. MarTech Advisor first asked him to contribute to their publication in May of 2016, and he did so with an article that was entitled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits.” It just happened to be one of MarTach Advisor’s most popular articles of that year.

MarTech Advisor currently has 1.1 million subscribers from all over the world. They will have the pleasure of reading Bob’s latest article when it is released this year.

About Bob

Bob has worked hard over the years. It started when he was attending the University of South Florida when he took on a series of jobs while he studied for his degree. Next, he graduated at the top of his class from the police academy. In 1990, he had the opportunity to begin a second career as a network marketer. Bob took a chance and left his career as a police officer to focus on his entrepreneurial desires instead.

In 2004, Bob stumbled upon the beginnings of Talk Fusion and the video marketing genre. As he toured a house that he was considering purchasing, he took video of everything he saw. He planned to email the video to his family to find out what they thought of the house. That was when America Online told him that it would be impossible.

Bob the entrepreneur believed that it could be done, and he enlisted the help of a friend who was an IT professional. The two of them succeeded in placing the videos into emails, and Bob decided that he had to start a video communications company so that everyone would be able to do the same thing. In 2007, Talk Fusion was born.

About Talk Fusion

In the past 10 years, Talk Fusion has grown from a company that offered Video Email to a business that also promotes Video Newsletters, Video Chat, sign-Up Forms and Live Meetings. The company has also given Bob’s associates the chance to change their lives with its network marketing model.

Rather than open a brick and mortar store, Bob took advantage of the network marketing model that he had been involved in for 20 years. Therefore, Talk Fusion doesn’t have employees. Bob’s associates are known as “Distributors,” and they are currently living in more than 140 different countries. Bob makes his opportunity much more attractive than others by offering potential Distributors a 30-day trial. Everyone is entitled to try it out before they commit to joining the company.

Bob’s Philanthropic Efforts

Animals are very important to Bob, and he has shown that this is true by donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He is also dedicated to an orphanage in Indonesia and has blessed them with generous monetary donations.

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