Red introduces its first smartphone: Hydrogen One

red hydrogen one smartphone

Red, the camera maker, has jumped the smartphone bandwagon by launching its first ever smartphone – the Hydrogen One.

Hydrogen One is being pegged as the world’s first holographic media machine. The Red Hydrogen One smartphone features a “retina-riveting” display, which supposedly springs between “3D” and 2D modes depending on the content. One would be able to enjoy such content with wearing glasses, the company claims.

The Red Hydrogen One will work with Red’s professional camera program, and offer familiar user interface and monitor. Much like several recent flagship phones, the Red Hydrogen One will also comes equipped with a USB-C port, but interestingly also has a microSD card should you need more storage. A 3.5mm headphone jack will also be present.

The Hydrogen One will allegedly feature a modular expansion system, which connects to a proprietary high-speed data bus. The only module that RED is currently discussing is a camera attachment that can shoot high-quality video and holographic images.

RED isn’t exactly being forthcoming on other aspects of the Hydrogen One’s other features other than to state that it includes a headphone jack, USB-C connectivity and a microSD slot for storage expansion. Other more important specs like screen resolution, RAM, internal storage and processor specs have been left out… for now. However, given how much the Hydrogen One costs (which we will get to in a minute), we hope that it’s carrying at least a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 under the hood.

RED is currently taking preorders for Hydrogen One, which will be available with an aluminum body for $1,195. However, if you want to pony up for a more exotic titanium body, that will set you back $1,595. Both variants will ship in the first quarter of 2018.


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