Cities Providing Tech Jobs in the USA


It’s the wish of every student to work in Silicon Valley after graduating. However, research by Glassdoor has revealed that students who have finished school and college are finding lucrative deals elsewhere. The surprising bit about this data is that these jobs are still available in Silicon Valley, but graduates are choosing elsewhere. The job that has been affected most is software engineering which up to date is the hottest job in America. CNBC decided to go out and find out whether the research by Glassdoor was real. By analyzing different job opportunities in the USA, CNBC discovered that there are cities that are offering competition to San Jose. These cities include:

Seattle, Washington
The new survey by CNBC revealed that there had been a 6.7 percent increase in software jobs in the city of Seattle. This happened during a period between 2017 and 2012. However, the survey revealed that the increase in jobs was driven by Microsoft that has its headquarters here. Other companies that also contributed to this growth significantly were Walmart and Amazon. This is because e-commerce is on the rise and thus more demand of software jobs in the sector. Boeing, which also has its headquarters here may have contributed to the growth of software jobs.

Washington, DC
The capital of the United States saw an increase in 1.3 percent of software jobs in the nation from 2012 up to 2017. The capital also has its share of big companies that may have contributed to the growth. Tech companies that are currently hiring in the capital include HP, Oracle and IBM. Other than tech companies, there are education firms that currently have openings for tech people, and they include Lexis Mexis, Kaplan as well as Cengage.

Detroit, Michigan
Michigan was not left behind as their software opportunities increased by 0.8 percent. On their part, the increase was fueled by the presence of major corporations dealing with vehicles such as General Motors and Ford. These two companies rely a lot on software engineers for the automation process.

Austin, Texas
The list would not have been complete without Texas. Austin houses some of the biggest traditional corporations that rely on software engineers in one way or the other. Some of the companies driving tech jobs in Austin include Indeed, Home Depot as well as iHeartMedia. Other cities that made it to the list include San Francisco, Dallas, New York and Orlando. Raleigh was last on the list of the companies that have seen an increase in tech jobs.


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