Cancer rates in women 'to rise faster than in men'

Fast food gutka and tobacco major causes of cancer experts

Everyone should develop healthy daily habits to prevent cancer and keep in mind to have doctors examinations regularly, the HPA said. The growths often invade surrounding tissue and can reach distant sites and organs.

According to a recent report by World Health Organization, it is easier and cheaper to cure the disease if diagnosed early.

Saturday, February 4 is World Cancer Day, the awareness day of one of the deadliest disease which kills 8.8 million people every year.

Detecting cancer early can effectively reduce the mortality associated with cancer.

In a statement, Health Minister Terry Lake says it's important to think about how we can reduce the impact cancer has on the people we love. "If we can get people to respect a limit of one or two units (of alcohol) per day, that would already be something". "And risk is high among women aged between 30-69 years", says Swaminathan. Evidence also suggests that obesity is linked to breast cancer, which in many cases can be avoided.

"More than 14 million people develop cancer every year, and this figure is projected to rise to over 21 million by 2030", World Health Organization said.

"And being overweight or obese can lead to inflammation, which can also increase the risk of cancer".

Cancer is now responsible for nearly 1 in 6 deaths globally. The situation is not different in Sri Lanka.

"That's particularly true for countries with limited resources, the low and middle-income countries", he told AFP.

As the number of men and women being diagnosed with cancer continues to surge, Cancer Research UK is funding research across the country to find better treatments and ways to diagnose the disease early when treatment is more likely to be successful. Public health policies can be put in place to support individual healthy lifestyle choices, and that make them the easy choice. According to an estimate by expert, it would around 21 million people till 2030.

Amanda, 55, was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2008.

Breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer are the most common cancers, accounting for more than half of new cases of cancer each year in the UK. In fact, 90 percent of the affected developing countries do not have adequate radiotherapy facilities. Addressing delays in cancer diagnosis and inaccessible treatment is therefore critical in all settings for cancer control.

"Accelerated government action to strengthen cancer early diagnosis is key to meet global health and development goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", Chestnov said. Oncologists may confirm the presence of cancer by recommending imaging tests like x-rays, biopsy or blood tests.

That brings us to the most pressing question - is there a cure or vaccine for cancer?

She urged Pfizer to reconsider its decision not to offer the NHS a discount on the list price and said the pharmaceutical giant must work with Nice to ensure the drug can be made widely available to women as soon as possible. Vaccination against human papilloma virus (HPV) and hepatitis B virus vaccination (HBV) will prevent cervical and liver cancer respectively, he said. However, some other cancers like pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, oesophageal tumours and brain tumours are still evading effective cure. Cancer of the uterine cervix, for which there is now a vaccine, still takes an unacceptable and avoidable toll on the lives of women.

It is said that exercise can help lower the risk of developing cancers including breast and colon cancers.

"Of late, more cases are being reported, possibly because the screening facilities have increased in the city", he added. You do not need sophisticated technology. "One in every 22 woman develops a lifetime risk of contracting breast cancer in India". Early detection too helps in a lot of cases.